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Adult Music Lessons
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Lessons Currently Offered in
Piano - Voice - Guitar - Bass - Ukulele - Violin/Fiddle -
Music Theory - Songwriting - Drums

Walter - 
Music Production

Concepts felt too complicated for me to learn on my own. I am finding this experience very rewarding and my desired knowledge is headed in direction I was hoping. 

Jim, Voice

My range has increased, and I am singing much healthier now and with more power.

Elaine, Piano

I haven't played piano in over 45 years, and couldn't remember how to read notes. Now I'm reading music, and feeling much better after only 6 months of lessons. Best thing I did in 2019!

Josh, Guitar

 I had major gaps in my knowledge and ability. He has taken the time to build a curriculum to help me learn what I am missing rather than a one size fits all approach. He's helped me grow as a player a lot! 

Donna, Voice

I've learned more in the short time I've been under her tutelage that with any other voice coach I've had. 

Can you really start learning an instrument as an adult, and actually get good at it? Or can you pick back up piano after 30 years without playing? Can you actually train your voice to do amazing things in your 30s, 40, 50s, or even 70s? The answer is YES. Absolutely YES. 

But don't take our word for it, here is what some of our adult students have to say:

So What Do I Need to Do?

It's easy to get started.

                                       1. Send us a message.

                                       2. We'll set up an intro lesson for a one time payment of $40.

                                       3. After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

                                       4. Immediately start to see amazing results!

You'll only need to commit to one month at a time. Our tuition is auto-billed on a monthly basis, and students can drop at any time, but we're confident you will love our lessons - it will be the highlight of your week.

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Introductory Lesson?

It's Time to Get Busy!

We've worked with many adults, and have watched them grow, develop, and reach new levels of skill and creativity. Some are active musicians and songwriters, who wish to refine their craft. Others are purely music lovers, who enjoy the therapy of music lessons, and pursing their passion - a gift they can share with friends and family, and a fulfilling hobby they can turn to every day.


Learn an instrument one-on-one with a pro

Develop the freedom to play confidently

Build a song list and perform 


Write originals and produce your own music


All students will develop repertoire, and have the opportunity to perform solo, accompanied by live musicians, in front of an audience, within 6 months of lessons.

All students will receive an individualized education, crafted by their private instructor, and based upon their personal goals and interests, along with a strong music foundation

All students who pursue songwriting will compose (and may perform live) their first original song in their first year of study.

All students will learn to play by ear, exploring chord progressions, and improvisational techniques, and/or learn to play by reading music notation, based upon their personal goals.

Music Production students will begin to create, and produce their own music within the first 6 months of lessons.

Vocal students will improve their breathing technique, and expand their range dramatically within the first year, through results-driven audio vocal workouts they can do at home. 

Vocal students will learn to project and tastefully deliver melodies, using proper microphone technique.

Vocal students who desire to accompany themselves will learn a secondary instrument (piano, guitar, or ukulele) after 6 months of study.


Cool space with a great community vibe

Convenient location in Hyannis, or online world-wide

Hassle-free & affordable month-to-month 


Parking, waiting area, and wifi


We thank you for a 5-star rating on Google and Facebook!

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